The Dan Juricic RE/MAX Real Estate Advisor Marketing Strategy

When you hire us to sell your home, you not only get knowledgeable Lower Vancouver Island experts but you also benefit from a comprehensive marketing package to sell your house! We utilize the internationally recognized RE/MAX brand along with a powerful online marketing campaign to give your home the maximum amount of exposure possible. The more exposure of your home means more buyers…more buyers means more showings…more showings means more offers…more offers means TOP DOLLAR for your home.

Professional Wide-Angle Photography & HD Video Tours

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words…and we believe it! We hire the premier real estate photographers in Victoria to show-case your home with premium-quality photos. This is what potential Buyers see online, which will have them calling to view your home in person. Our tour package includes a premium quality video. We take 360 degree virtual tours of your home so that buyers can see inside your home as if they were already there! This is the next best thing to walking through your home in person!

Click on an image below to see the quality that sets us apart:

Floor Plans

Professional-grade floor plans are an integral part of any real estate listing. They provide you with the information you need to set your prices accurately and give potential buyers the confidence that they are fully informed about the homes they are viewing.

Home Staging

In some situations a Home Staging consultation can be very helpful in assisting to Sell your house. We hire a professional to walk through your home and discuss everything there is related to staging. This consultation helps determine what needs to be done to stage the home for a successful sale, maximize the property’s best features and minimize the flaws, create best possible first impressions, appeal to the broadest buyers’ demographics, increase buyers’ enthusiasm and perceived value of the property. The consultation takes 2 to 3 hours and specific recommendations are given to the homeowners to help them prepare the property for selling.

For Sale Signs & Arrows

One of the most recognized real estate signs in the world, a RE/MAX sign, is placed on your lawn. We generate further local interest with numerous directional arrows in the neighbourhood that lead potential buyers to your property. According to a recent survey, 70% to 75% of all buyers drive on their own to an area they are planning to buy in – and guess who they are going to call?

Open Houses

Open Houses gives us face-to-face selling time with potential Buyers. As your Realtor, we will get to know your house the best, so who better to present all the key features and benefits? Some buyers also prefer to direct their own search independent of a Realtor and prefer to search through Open Houses.

RE/MAX In-Office Marketing

Year after year, we are the top real estate office in the Greater Victoria! As soon as your home is listed all the Realtors in our office get an email and promoted in our in-house Facebook page with all of the details. 

RE/MAX Online Local and International

Through, and, your home will be marketed in over 70 countries and in 30 languages. RE/MAX leads in market share in over 99 markets across Western Canada and sells one out of every three homes in Canada based on 2015 data. We give your home the global exposure it deserves! RE/MAX agents are premium agents and with the these tools at our disposal, our market share reflects that.

The MLS also has its own website,, where currently active listings are posted. All of our listings are posted on with professional photos. is the #1 search engine for finding properties.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

By entering your home on the MLS system, your property gets maximum marketing exposure to all members of the local Real Estate Board. You will have Realtors everywhere trying to find a buyer for your property. It is the MLS computer system that will provide other members of the Real Estate Board with detailed information about your property.

Local and Provincial Websites

Promoted ads on, & in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. These websites are becoming more and more popular for Buyers to view properties.

Social Media

One of the most powerful tools today in marketing your property locally and globally today is social media. We work hard to effectively market your home on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn! We promote, boost and uniquely advertise to all forms of social media to gain the maximum number of eyes on your home as possible until your home is sold. Hire Dan Juricic RE/MAX Real Estate Advisor and your home will become one of the most widely viewed properties in Greater Victoria!