5 Saanich Peninsula Wineries | Reason #1 to Live on the Peninsula

Hello, fellow sommeliers! There’s something romantic about the idea of living next to rolling fields of grape vines and beautiful vineyard estates. Few locations in British Columbia can offer this picturesque setting as home, but here on the Saanich Peninsula, we are lucky to be one of them. The history of winemaking in the Saanich […]

Buying in Victoria BC’s Wild Real Estate market?

Buying property is one of the most important business decisions you can make. As with any business decision, it is ideal to buy low so your investment increases value over time. This can be exceptionally difficult in Victoria, British Columbia’s hot housing market. I have a few techniques to help you reach a better position for future value. Purchase your […]

Can You Really Predict Victoria BC Real Estate Pricing?

The Victoria BC Real Estate industry has been glorified for years to be one of the most lucrative career options available to the average person. I’m not going to lie, the idea of getting a home financed, improving its value, and then selling it for an amazing profit is pretty appealing. This concept has driven […]

I want to buy rental properties, now what?

So you’re thinking of investing in real estate. You hear about future development plans, prices soaring, and people moving on into the island. You’ve read about the low vacancy rates, and the quest for buying affordable homes, you know the demand is high, . But the decision to become a Victoria Real Estate investor isn’t […]

5 Communities Where I Would Buy in Greater Victoria

Are you looking for a property in Greater Victoria and want to purchase in an up and coming neighbourhood? These five neighbourhoods are on the upswing in terms of sales and prices. 1) Royal Bay, Colwood Royal Bay is a rare find for Vancouver Island. A 400 acre, 100-year-old gravel pit is being converted into a […]